Armator Shipping is a recent incorporated Swiss entity established in 2018. The company is a fully integrated shipping organization, spanning the full value chain within dry bulk shipping ship owning, chartering operating, technical management and commercial management.

Steeped in tradition and with a deep shipping pedigree, Armator is a family company formed by the son in law and grandson of Michele D’Amato, the founder of ‘D’Amato di Navigazione and is the modern iteration of the D’Amato brand.

Now the 5 th generation of the D’Amato family to enter the business, exemplifying that the deep rooted passion within the family for ship owning and operating continues.

The D’Amato family first entered shipping some 150 years ago, in 1870 with Michele D’Amato becoming a ships Master At the height of its success, D’Amato di Navigazione owned and managed 43 ships.

The D’Amato family is synonymous with character and integrity, clearly reflected in the quality of their charter party counterparts through the years and the esteem with which the D’Amato brand is held throughout the shipping industry and is nowadays inspiring Armator Shipping.

Finally, Armator’s 100 subsidiary, Aries Ship Management based in the Lugano’s offices will focus on the technical management of all owned and bareboat charters.

Aries currently manages 32 vessels, from various segments, for third parties Aries covers all aspects of technical management including own crewing from a pool of 900 seafarers.

With partnerships in bunker traders and marine insurers, Armator is well positioned to exploit the economies of scale and strategic positioning these partnerships bring.