icon Spot freights

Spot freights

Customers who wish to hedge their freight costs for certain single shipment on specified dates.

Through our expertise welded Customers to minimize ongoing charter hires, bunkers and volatility keeping shipment costs below benchmark levels. Our commitment concerns cargoes and tonnages boths.

icon Projects


Upon specific requests from our customers, we build up tailor-made projects according to business prerequisites.

Amator expertise may handle different kind of Vessels such as might be heavy-lifter or MPP, as well as multiple contracts i.e.

Whether loading or unloading the cargo on CQD terms minimizing customer’s exposure on demurrages.

icon Freight <br />consulting


Aside from offering Freight & Technical services, Armator likewise provides consultancy services to drive our customers across best solutions in terms of seawise transportation.

This may include guidances on freight rates, norms and conventions, understand the worldwide shipping trade.

icon Comercial and technical management

Comercial and technical management

We do commercially and technically manage 3° part Owner’s vessel ensuring the very best in terms of returns and efficiency. Our market coverage enable to always enhance best opportunities in terms of employment.

Our technical division is highly experienced as it already manages 32 Vessels Through different DOCs. Armator Group can handle internally the full management chain

icon COAs


Customers who wish to hedge their freight costs on a long-term basis but with a settled time frame for multiple shipments which covers them from the market rallies of hires and bunkers.

Our experts, thanks to the deep shipping knowledge and being well inserted into the market, will provide the most competitive solutions to perform their shipments on COAs.